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Alignment Woes

My '88 5kcstq still pulls to the right after an alignment at M&M. It did
this with the stock 6x15's when I first got it a few months ago and
still does it with the Speedline 16x7's after the alignment. Other
observations are that under accelleration it pulls to the right a little
more. I find myself correcting to the left when I accellerate, but then
when I lift, the car goes left. Same thing when I lock the diffs. The
car pulls right and then when the rear diff lets go, the car goes left
because I had been countering the right hand pull. It isn't that the car
is following the right hand road camber, it always pulls to the right
even on left camber. M&M wants me to bring the old set of wheels in to
try the alignment on them rather than the Speedlines, but the car pulled
to the right with them as well, so I don't think it will help. Any
suggestions out there?
P.S. Their printout of my alignment is barely legible, but here it is:
actual	before		actual	before
-11/16	-7/8	Camber	-11/16	-1*
7/16	7/16	Caster	9/16	1/2
.01"	.13"*	Toe	.01"	.07"

Front		Actual	Before
Cross Camber	0	1/8
Cross Caster	-1/8	-1/16
Total Toe	.02"	.19"*
Set Back	.40	.44

Actual	Before		Actual	Before
-5/16	-1/2*	Camber	-3/8	-13/16*
.04"	.04"	Toe	.03"	.02"

Rear		Actual	Before
Total Toe	.08"?	.00"
Thrust Angle	.01	.02

*=Value not within specification.

Why the heck do they use fractions in some places and decimals in
others? Why do they use a " for minutes instead of ' ?