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Re: rev limits (was CGT mods)

Ssgacc@aol.com wrote:
> So, sorry so windy, but I really would like to know what a realistic (not
> conservative) rpm limit is.  Any others out there who like to wind engines up
> real high?

Different engines will have unique power bands. Some are more rev happy
than others. We spun bearings so many times in a big block Mopar it
wasn't funny; just couldnt' take the revs. 
You want to rev high, buy an Italian car. The pasta wagons are all
designed for high rpm use, as that's how those crazy Italians like to
drive...flat to the floor, all the time. Alfa V6s are great for this. My
1438cc Fiat makes no power until about 3500 rpm, and will gleefully
swing up to redline with 120,000 miles (I think its 7000 rpm, but I have
to admit I dont even look). Guys who race the SOHC Fiat engine can rev
to 8500rpm no problem until the stock rod bolts start to stretch. Good
for 10,000 rpm with Cosworth pistons, proper rods and rod bolts.
All of this rev happiness is pointless if your car isn't making any
power that high in the rev range. The CGT kind of dies (strangles) at
6,000 in stock form, so banging off the rev limiter doesn't do much for
you. The I-5's power range seems to be more in the low to mid revs--lots
of torque, but only rated at 110-115 hp NA.
"Life is too short to drive boring cars."

Dwight Varnes, insurance appraiser and car nut
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