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RE: Audi Links

I submitted a link to http://www.audilinks.com on Wednesday.  The link was
posted the following day with no typos or glitches (links are live etc.).

I realize that there probably hundreds of personal pages with Audi links on
the web already, but having those links on a central page with a
plain-as-day address like:  www.audilinks.com seems like a great resource.
The site is laid out very logically, and has great subcategories to make
searching simple.  I second George's suggestion that we support Ben's site
and see if we can't put his effort to good use.

Even if you just submit the link to your own personal lists of links (rather
than resubmitting each of your individual links) I think it would be helpful
to folks on the list - myself included.  Could definitely save time on the
"Anybody know the URL for____'s site?" posts.  No offense intended, I've
done it myself, but "go to Audilinks.com" would be a handy reply.

JOMO, no affiliation, personal gain yadda yadda yadda...

Dan Sinclair
1988 Audi 90, 68K mi.
Photo and details online at:

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    I just found a new website at http://www.audilinks.com where you can add
your url to the link site. I am not affiliated, but I added vortex since the
url address alone will probably keep traffic coming to the site. Plus, the
guy did a bimmer site and is now doing an Audi becasue he was successful
with the bimmer one. I figured maybe we could show some support and add some