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RE:Supposedly Hot 5Kcsqw

What mulltifunction sensor do you have, 3- or 4-pin?
I put 3-pin on my 5kT and it failed in less then 8 months.
Bought 4-pin and everything was back in order..

'87 5kcstq 150K miles 1.8 bar
'86 5kcst 5-spd (in memory)

>Real quick, sorry I am out the door.
>This morning I started the car and the hot water sign on the dash
>litup.  This has been happening lately according to my wife.  (thank >God
>I changed the multi-function switch recently to see the car was not
>overheating)  Anyway there were no codes stored (4444).
>Any ideas?,BTDT?
>Thanks as always
>Dan Hamren
>1987 5000 csqw 145k  1.6 bar   1.8 after new IC hose