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Re: 87 4000Q vs 88 80Q

] >Agreed.  Both are very similar but the 80 loses the brick at the expense of
] >looks IMO.  I might argue the 80 having a better dash and interior.  Maybe
] >the 90 does but the 80, not so much.
] I'd tend to disagree.  As far as physical body form and styling, the 80/90
] series was way ahead of it's time.  My '88 Audi 90 is often mistaken for a
] late 90's model car by unskilled observers, and IMHO it remains a very
] contemporary looking car.  If you like angular lines over curved, then the
] 4000 is your ride.  I personally think both the 4000 and 80 are great
] looking autos.  I agree that the 80 series looks a little unfinished
] [snip]
] With the exception of the chrome strip, the paint work could seemingly be
] added to the 80 series by a skilled paint match and some ABS friendly paint.
] Anyone on the list ever heard of an 80 with painted bumpers and mirrors?
] Just curious.

A perfect example of customizing possible on the 80 is shown at
http://www.audi80.com .  The owner has a European one that has
been given the full S2 treatment (which was also done at
http://www.intendedacceleration.com).  Turbo transplants are
also possible, especially since the Type 89 Coupe Quattro was
available with turbo as well as the S2, I believe.  I'd have to
agree with the notion that putting an MC turbo motor in a 4000q
would probably be a bit easier, or at least cheaper.

As far as body styling, I don't care for the 80/90 for one
reason, and that's its short trunk: the 100/200 (especially '92+)
has a more sleek overall line.  I like the S2/V8/1992+ grille
much better, with the body-color trim around it like on the
current A-series.  I prefer the lighter, more nimble 4000 for
the feel of city driving.  And used parts are a little cheaper,
when you can find the Quattro-specific ones.

I still agree with Ti's recommendation to drive both cars and
consider which one you prefer looking at, either before or after
customizing.  And either way, you probably will want Euro lights.

My two cents.

Todd Hutchinson
'84 4kq, late-style bumpers in the Huw Powell tradition

] Dan Sinclair
] 1988 Audi 90, 68K mi.
] Photo and details online at: