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Subject: Re: 87 4000Q vs 88 80Q

> >Subject: Re: 87 4000Q vs 88 80Q

> >> I am also wanting to put a turbo charged motor
> >> in it after I learn about the car. Which of the 2 cars would be a better
> >> candidate?

> >If you want to transplant a 5KT/200 engine in there, it's probably
> >going to be about the same amount of work and modifications for
> >both cars.  The under-hood arrangements are very similar between the
> >two.  

Not quite.

A while back there was a lister (So. Cal. area I think, have not seen 
a post for some time) who dropped an MC into an 88+ 80-90. 
Everything was going well until he tried to mate the motor to the 
transmission. Apparently, the 80-90 transmission has a different 
input shaft than the 4000-5000-100-200. Custom machine work was 
required to complete the assembly.


Craig Lebakken