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Re: Oil Pan Repair

Steve -

There are a number of sub-optimal yet economical options.  First check and
confirm that the pan threads are stripped/chewed up.  If so, try one of the
following, if not, get a new bolt:

1. Highly Cheezy fix - There are these funky rubber plug/grommet/gasket
things that require a special tool to put in (comes with 'em).  Basically,
instead of a plug bolt, you stick this rubber thing in the hole under
tension on the end of the tool, give the tool a twist, and the rubber plug
is well jammed in the hole.  Next time you need to remove it, you use the
tool to stretch the rubber plug, hook it in place, and then 'pull the
plug'.   I have used these on an Amurican V8 where I looked to avoid
spending any unnecessary cent, and they actually work. Maybe a drip of oil
once in a while.  Haven't looked in ages, but most big generic auto parts
places used to have something like them.

2.  Semi-cheeze - You may be able to find a self threading adapter that will
fit in the stock hole, yet still has a smaller bolt inside.  It basically
jams into the existing hole, cutting new threads once, then you use the new
smaller bolt to drain oil.  Again, found at auto parts stores.

3.  Low-cheeze - Take the pan off, use a tap to rethread the hole for a
bigger bolt.  Theoretically the best solution, short of replacing the pan
itself.  Yes you could re-tap it in place, if you really believe that the
magnet-on-the-oil-pan thing works to keep metal flakes out of the engine.  I

Good luck!


"Anthony J. Frattini" wrote:

> Hi guys,
> I think I might have stripped the oil pan plug threads while changing
> the oil this afternoon.  I'm quite certain I got the plug in straight,
> but I feel that I might have continued to turn the bolt too long,
> thinking that it was not tight enough.  Instead of getting harder, it
> started to get easier.  I'm not quite certain, but I want to get some
> info ahead of time, so I will be able to fix it tomorrow if necessary.
> I already purchased new plug gaskets, thinking that might be the reason,
> but haven't put them on.
> My question is, if necessary, are there any sort of repair procedures
> for fixing this, or will I have to buy a whole new oil pan?
> Feeling pretty stupid,
> Steve F.
> PS- please reply directly to this email, as I don't have access to my
> own computer.  Thanks.



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