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Re: Supposedly Hot 5Kcsqw

 I bought mine 3-pin from Carlsen and 4-pin from TPC.
Just looked at both invoices and both 3- and 4-pin 
sensors are listed under the same P/N -034 919 369C. 
ETKA only shows the P/N for 4-pin sensor. So
I guess you'd just have to ask when you order..


'87 5kcstq 150K miles 1.8 bar
'86 5kcst 5-spd (im memory)

> This is strange since Linda at Carlsen and Rod at TPC both told me that the 3
> terminal version supercedes the 4 terminal version of the infamous
> multifunction switch.
> I too lost a 3 terminal one in only 11 months--overheat switch latched on.
> Here's hoping the new one lasts a bit better.
> Can you provide part number and supplier of both versions? Which is really
> more reliable?
> Mike Veglia
> 87 5kcstq