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RE: Changing transmission oil on 86 4kq

All thanks for the advise, especially the part about not draining till
opening the fill hole.  Well guess what after an hour on my back under the
car I still could not find the fill hole.  Drain plugs 2 were easy to find
but the fill I cant figure it out.  I guess Im now the proud owner of a 17mm
Allan wrench.  But I'm now convinced the buzzing noise is the transmission
after taking the speedo cable apart on both ends did not cure the buzzing.

Oh well another wasted Audi day.

Cheers all,


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> "Stanton, John" <JStanton@newsamerica.com> wrote:
> > 
> > Well I think it is going to be a nice weekend to do all things Audi.  I
> have
> > been meaning to check the oil level in the transmission.  Before I get
> all
> > dirty and frustrated, is this a job that can be reasonably done on jack
> stands
> > or will it require a lift?  Couple questions from those who know. They
> may be
> > of the blond variety but I don't have the right year Bentley and what to
> make
> > sure.
> > 
> > 1)  How does one check the levels
> > 2)  Filling procedures if low
> > 3)  What to put in
> Tips:
> Don't just check it, replace it.
> Take the filler plug out first, so you know you can get it out.
> Don't overtighten the plugs when you put them back.
> I'll let other's answer your actual questions, for now.  (I would go with
> the 
> synthetic oil of your choice)
> HTH,
> Ken