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PN Needed: A4 struts, springs

Dear friendly and helpful Listers:

I'm seeking part numbers for A4 1.8T struts, as well as spring color
codes - both for the stock and 98+ sport package. Anyone who has any of
these parts on their car or lying around, or has PN reference materials
would be of great help to me.

There seems to be a bit of confusion about these, and I am trying to get
it straight. Among other things, the part no's on my non-sport car I
have seen listed on a web page as 'sport' part numbers.  I purchased a
set of purported sport struts/springs used with slightly different part
no's, but am trying to confirm that they are actually the real sport
items, and not just superceded part numbers. Last time I tried to get an
answer on this stuff I ran into confusion, and would like to put this to
bed.  Besides, at this stage, I certainly don't want to spend either
significant $$ (more $$ that is), or time and sweat on installation for
parts that aren't different.

For anyone else who is interested, this is what I gots:

    Non-sport, on '97 1.8T
Front Strut 8D0-413-031-AC
Rear Strut 8D5-513-029-D
Front Spring orange/yellow
Rear Spring white white pink

    Alleged sport, from '98 1.8T
Front Strut 8D0-413-031-AE
Rear Strut 8D5-513-029-E
Front Spring pink pink green
Rear Spring white pink

The struts also have a longer non VAG looking part number on top (like
1-0204-33-087-A), and some short codes (like 5C-9) at the bottom that I
presume are Boge numbers, anyone know if I can get Boge to x-ref this by
application for me?





John J Cunningham III           Project Leader / Technical Analyst
                                             Country Home Products
johnc@together.net                            (802) 877-1201 X1242