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Re: 4kcsq ISV

I have the opinion that the newer hoses are softer rubber than the
original. If you put a small section of copper pipe inside the hose for
reinforcement it appears to fix the problem. Just be sure not to cover
any side passages.

Chris Weathers wrote:
> Greetings,
> Help! No Audi mechanic anywhere near me here in the Sierra Mtns. of CA.
> I replaced the hose (rubber manifold) that connects to the intake manifold
> and the ISV valve because it was split.  Ran fine for about two weeks but
> then the hose collapsed causing the car to run very rough.  I cleaned the
> ISV with carburetor cleaner but car still ran very rough.  Replaced the ISV
> but it still runs the same if not worse with much smoke from the exhaust.  I
> took the new ISV off and manually moved the internal cylinder -- operation
> was sticky at first then moved freely.  I connected it to the elec., turned
> the key to on and watched the internal cylinder.  I moved quickly between
> open and closed continually.  Shouldn't it stay open?  Is it possible that
> the new ISV is defective?  Please reply to E-mail address.
> Anxiously waiting reply,
> Chris Weathers
> cweathers@jps.net