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Re: Part Numbers (PN) for Vac Hoses???

Just call Linda at Carlsen and order the hoses from her.  You have the
hoses messed up in your description though as I think your #1 hose has an
elbow and #2 runs to the plastic elbow .  The elbow is easy to break as it
has a small tube connector located at the apex of the elbow, pointing down.
 It's only a $3 part though if you do break it (BTDT).  I replaced all
hoses from Linda for something like $40-50 for all 4 parts.

If you don't want to buy the original parts, hit Pep Boys vacuum line aisle
and go nuts...   ;-)

At 11:29 AM 3/19/1999 ,  Dan Sinclair was inspired to say:
> I've been resisting the urge to plead for part numbers from you folks, but
> I'm not sure what else to do on this one.  I put in an order for an EKTA,
> but hasn't showed yet.