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Re: UrQ Accident Update


    First thing....call the insurance commisioner of your state.  Report the
incident and ask what you should do about the situation.  That car is
definately worth more than $3,000.  You are getting low-balled.

    Insurance companies try to play games with people sometimes, but let them
know not to play with you.  Also, most insurnace values are based on Kelly
Blue Book values, which are based on average prices paid for such a vintage
car.  I think most UrQ's are selling between $6,000 and $10,000.  And that is
in average condition.  Some are around $3,000 but they are in rough shape
usually with a decent amount of rust.

    Now, I am a little confused on one part though....Have you already had the
car repaired after they decided to total it?  Good luck!