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Girling 60 conversion.

In a message dated 99-03-17 12:21:16 EST, you write:

<< >no, Metalmasters are not a good pad.  You might be suprised what
 >little brakes and calipers can do.

 My god!  Everybody and their brother bitches about MetalMaster....But I

 never hear any alternatives.  Something for all seasons, NOT for track,

 that doesn't wear out in a season and doesn't spray dust everywhere.
 Is there anything like that?
I'll second that!  I'd also LOVE to hear some alternatives (I'm putting
on my G60's again now).  They should not EAT the alloy wheels or the
I DON'T mind alot of dust, as long as it doesn't eat the alloys alive.
also like it if they didn't cost $200 a set.  Anything like that
I've used Pagid (stock, I think), MM's, Rofren (ate my new Brembo rotors

alive), and Raybestos semi-metallics (made in Canada).

Jim Accordino

The info is out there, lots of people have given BTDT's with their pads.
Having recently switched from Pagid Yellows to KVR kevlars on my G60 UrQ
I can honestly say these are the best pads I have ever owned. They
aren't too tough on the rotors, make very little to no dust and stop
like a champion. No fade at all. Pagid Yellows are very dusty pads. To
answer the question a few weeks ago, there is absolutely no problem with
original "bite" on the KVR's they grip from the first application. HTH

Andrew Finney
1983 UrQ.