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Re: First time..Audi at Sebring


>In message <000001be73cc$bb5e61c0$3ab8080c@elprofe.isla.net> "Julio C
Negron" writes:
>> For me this first time was good,but if Audi qualifying could be
>> better..
>Not the objective.  These are endurance races - #1 objective is to
>finish.  First time out, Audi would have done well with both cars in the
>20s.  A podium finish is a bonus they probably wouldn't have dreamed of.
>Don't forget - the objective of this project is to win Le Mans itself.
>And you can't win if you don't finish.

Yep. Doesn't matter where you start the first lap...only matters where you
finish the last one.

Remember, they just did the time equivalant of over 6 Formula One races...

good show....and thank goodness for streaming audio!

Stephen Bigelow
e-commerce/ Business Development
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