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CGT ecu ground location?

	Thanks to everyone who helped me with the trip computer
on my 87 CGT.  The link to the dig dash info on Eric Fluhr's 
page is there, but the content seems to have been removed.  But
what you guys told me was enough to figure out the basics.  Thanks

	Does anyone know where the grounding point #90 that the Bentley
calls "welded, jetronik harness" is located?  Is this the one
behind the cubby-hole thingy in front of drivers door (to the left
of the aux relay panel)?  If not which one is this?  I ask because
the connection and some of the wires have significant corrosion,
and if they ground the engine controls, I suspect that this may be
helping my car run poorly.  Here are the symptoms:

	Car starts immediately.  Idles fine.  When cold, there is
some hesitation.  Halfway between cold and normal engine temps,
car runs the way (I think, anyway) it should.  But when hot, i.e. 
normal temp, the engine does'nt rev smoothly, although it still
idles fine.  Sometimes it bogs down when accelerating; backing
off the throttle seems the only way to stop this.

Here is what I have done thus far:

New fuel pump (Bosch)

Cleaned and pressure tested injectors, replaced one

Replaced rubber hose below top half of intake manifold

New air filter (K&N)

New plugs (w7dtc)

New Bosch wires, cap & rotor in good shape (visibly)

New lifters, water pump, etc.

I set the timing to spec using a dial-in light.  I know Bentley
says to make a basic adjustment - i.e. at TDC align rotor with
notch on distributor housing, but engine ran poorly that way.

Pulled engine codes 2123 and 2223

Checked multifunction temp sender, good

Ground connections on intake are good

I guess next step is to check WOT switch.  Bentley says use
VW 1501 test adaptor.  Anyone got an alternative method?

Any insights gratuitously welcomed

Michael Hogan
87.5 CGT