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Scale Auto Union News

    I just received a catalogue at work for a company called Lilliput Motor
Company. In it are several Auto Union models. There is a Schuco Grand Prix
display that features a silver Auto Union P-Wagen along with a Ferrari and
an MB. There is a red Schuco Auto Union car alone that you can remove the
wheels and stuff and it comes with a little tool set. Both look like
replicas of old tin toy cars made by Schuco many years ago.

    Next up are two highly detailed cars by an Italian company called
Revival. The first is a '37 Auto Union Type C Streamliner and the '37 Auto
Union Type C Avus.

    None of the stuff is what I would call cheap, but it is stuff I have
honestly never seen having attended many antique auto shows, toy car shows
and a visit to EWA Cars and Exoticar's showrooms. You Auto Union freaks may
want to check it out. The company is in Nevada and the phone number is
(800)TIN TOYS.

    I am not affiliated in any way and the usual disclaimers apply.