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Anti-Blocking Secrets for Successful Bulk Email

IP Anti-Blocking Secrets: Guaranteed to Get your e-mail Delivered

Aol, CompuServe, MCI, Sprint and assorted service domains and 
Internet Service Providers are blocking and censoring the 
delivery of bulk e-mail using a variety of Mail Filtering 
techniques and IP Blacklisting. Until there is a law making these 
Constitutional First Amendment violations illegal, your email 
will frequently get mauled, go undelivered and you may even be 
wrongly flammed for spamming as a handful of monopolies and Wall 
Street interest tighten their grip day by day. We Guarantee that 
if you follow the secrets revealed in our manual you will bypass 
all of these blocking and filtering techniques in use. If you 
need to mail one or one million advertising circulars on the 
internet, the secrets we've unraveled for successful emailing are 
the only ones known to work.

We show you how and why you need to avoid dial-up service and web 
page host conflicts. We show you why 20% of all internet email is 
undeliverable and what to do about it.

Advertisers tell you your solution to getting more web traffic is 
umpteen services promising that submission to this 400 or that 
900 search engines will get you traffic to your web page and 
another umpteen telling you they can get you ranked high on this 
or that top search engine. They tell you about link exchanges. 
It's all baloney. If you've had a web page for more than 90 days 
the truth is quite plain by now?

Small businesses on the internet cannot afford independent banner 
advertising campaigns that really work? Your alternative to draw 
traffic to your site is legitimate nonspam bulk email. You pay 
money to get dial-up access to the net and for your server. You 
legally and effectively need to use email advertising to grow 
your business through normal advertising.

IP anti-blocking secrets is a priceless value to web sites that 
are isolated and dying. $100 is all you pay, by check or money 
order, to use our tested and bench proven antiblocking secrets to 
grow your business. You've invested hundreds and sometimes 
thousands of dollars for a web site that just sits there dying. 
It's time for business the way you expected it to be. 

We will email your copy of IP AntiBlocking Secrets within five 
(5) business days after receiving your check or money order at: 
PMLC, 20207 Robinwood Court, Hagerstown, MD 21742 and you can 
start getting your business message out. 

To be removed from any possible future mailing of this list, type 
the word cancel in the subject line. Thank you.