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Re: Some Data Points on my sick ur-Q

   > Oh, and where the hell do you guys hook up stuff like timing lights
   > to get +12v when you're under the hood of an '82-83 ur-Q? Can't find
   > anywhere to hook up, so I used the jumper cables!

   You don't use timing lights on ur-quattros.  It's pointless, because
   the ECU is always varying the timing.  Timing is set with the engine
   at rest - a '0' on the flywheel (or very occasionally a l) is set
   against a quadrant in the beel housing window.  The cam gear mark is set
   against the cam cover, and the distributor marks are lined up.  End of
   timing issue.

I don't completely agree -- it's useful to *verify* that the timing is
within reasonable limits. That mostly means unless there is some typically
obscure problem, "checking the timing" is pretty much a diversion from
mowing the lawn, taking out the garbage, or some other such activity.

If you want to "set" the timing, you grab your handy dandy EPROM-blaster
and diddle some bytes . . .