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Re: Audi 90 Dome Lights Problem

Yep, sounds like the door pins. The left rear in my 90q is getting wierd. I
really do not get why it is happening. As far as logic tells me, it is a
simple cicuit open/closed device. Why would it be making contact with the
door closed???


Derick Farfan wrote:

> In my 88' 90 the interior lights do not come on when I open any door, or
> when i turn the key to unlock the doors.  Then when I move the switch to
> the open door icon on the lights the lights stay on no matter if the
> door is open or closed.  While the lights are switched in this position
> while i am driving it might intermediately go off. Also, when i turn the
> key to start the car the lights stay on.  I have switched the blue relay
> under the dash with a known working one (my dads 87 5000), and i know
> how its supposed to work, but it is not.  Can anyone help me figure
> where else to turn.  Maybe checking the door pins, which one to start
> with?  TIA