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Re: Heater blower on '93 90

Very easy repair. The "resistor pack" that controls the fan speeds has died.
Mine died last fall in my '93 90S.

Open the glove box, on each side you will see two screw, 4 in all, remove
them, the glove box should basically fall onto the floor. Look behind and
slightly up, you will see a 4wire connector fastened to something that is
attached to the heater ductwork, this is the resistor pack. Go to your
friendly Audi dealer and get a replacement, pull the old, put in the new and
reconnect everything and you should be good to go.

BTW, I only lost the low speed, but figured the rest wasn't far behind, so I
just replaced it.

Matt Daniels wrote:

> Last week the fan for the heater/air conditioner died with the exception of
> the very top setting. I replaced the fuse this weekend, but that didn't do
> anything for it. It just seems pretty odd that it still works at full-blast
> but nothing under that. What could possibly be wrong? A short somewhere?
> Faulty switch? Will this be a fairly easy DIY fix or will I be forced to
> take it somewhere?
> Thanks in advance.
> Matt Daniels
> '93 90S
> '86 4kcsq

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