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UrQ Accident Update


>>CCC's info is very good, IF (and a big IF) the person
filling out the form provides a good description of the car<<

Well, if you have an "average" car it may be good, but in the case of
my '85 5k 5 spd. WAGON it wasn't so good!  I totalled the car, and my
ins. company (Nationwide in OH) used CCC for a valuation.  It came back
with no wagons, 3 4k auto trans cars and some 5k auto and 5 spd. mixed.

I'm sorry, but a mid 80's Audi with a slushbox is not a desirable car
(from my semi-enthusiast's view).  A 5 speed makes the car worth much
more.  And mixing 4ks with 5ks?

So I asked her to request a nationwide search for 5k wagons (again by
CCC).  Two were $500 specials in "recycler" publications!  Lets compare apples to

I finally settled, after getting a letter for her from a dealer stating
that manual wagons _are_ desirable cars, and keeping my car with a
salvage title as part of the deal, but I wasn't satisfied and just
settled to get it over with.

Anyone need 5k wagon parts?

Ole (Akron, OH)