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$20 Rev. Limiter (possibly Audi related)

If anyone has a 4 cylinder car with a bosch distributor, there is a rev limiter
available that is cheap and effective.  
    Buy a Porsche 912 ignition rotor (5800 rpm), or a vanagon ignition
rotor(5200 rpm).  These rotors use centrifugal force to ground the spark to the
distributor at maximum rpm, this maximum can be set by bending a tab on the
rotor to adjust the spring tension.  
    I used this trick without a single failure for 2 years with my Saab 99 ice
race car.  This also fits Rabbits, GTI's, Dodge Omni's, and most other 4
cylinder cars with a bosch distributor (cgt?).
Good Luck,
Brian Larson