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Jamex Strut Brace Group Purchase

So, has there been any more interest in this group purchase for a 
CGT4k/80/90/CQ/ur-q Jamex strut brace?

If we can get enough interest, it could cost $80!  Come on!


John Karasaki <johkar@teleport.com> wrote:
> I and maybe a couple other people on the main q-list are Jamex dealers.  
> The brace on Blau's site is a Jamex unit.  It is VERY nice.  For
> reference, it is the same unit 2B sells and was also sold on the main list a year
> or more by some guy.  It fits the 4000Q, 4000 CPE Q, 80/90 Q and urq cars. 
> I didn't think I would like it on our urq at first, because it has the
> battery offset, but the battery offset is also a brake master cylinder
> reservoir offset, so it works great.
> That said, you probably want to hear about the price.  It can be ordered
> from Jamex directly for $90 plus shipping!
> If you want to buy it from me instead, I can sell them for $85 plus
> shipping or if a whole bunch of people want them, $80 plus shipping. 
> Jamex recently raised the price on the strut braces from $80 to $90, BTW.
> I don't take credit cards, so it may be faster and easier to pay a
> little more and buy direct.  In any case, I'm not making much money on each
> brace.  Jamex's direct number is 888-40-JAMEX.
> If someone wants to organize a group purchase through me, let me know.
> They have a $1000 minimum dealer order, so to purchase the racing seats
> I want, I'll have to put another order together in the next couple of
> months anyway. <snip>