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RS2 with stuck temperature regulator flap.

Dear fellow listers HELP,

My RS2 was attacked by AUDI gremlins.

Yesterday the climate control has gone bananas and and with only 4 degrees
Celsius outside temperature it decided to get stuck in the LOW temperature
I was changing the temperature to the HIGH but there was no result in the
temperature coming out of the vents.
I messed with the diagnostic settings and after falling in a deep hole on
the road I heard a whooshh and hot air started coming out. From then on I
was able to regulate the air temperature and A/C with no other problem. That
was yesterday though.

Today the temperature was stuck in the HIGH setting.
The bad thing is that the outside temperature is today a very nice 14
degrees Celsius in the shade and in the town around 20 Celsius under the
Greek sunlight.
And I get HOT air from the vents even with the A/C on.

I run the OBD codes and with code number 1 (System malfunction) I get the
"2.1" which is a known problem of my car (Interior Temp. Sensor in Headliner
static open[actually missing in my car and I am waiting for the spare
"8.5" meaning Temperature Regulator Flap, static open (motor is cycled;
software attempts to eliminate block) and
"8.7" meaning Temperature Regulator Flap, sporadic block

When changing from LOW to HIGH the OBD code first reads 2.1 and 8.7 and
after approximately 10 seconds it reads 2.1 and 8.5

Unfortunately I won't be having my VWTool until tomorrow but I already get
the OBD codes from the cars climate control display.

I would like to kindly ask for your help, advise and input on how I could
rectify this malfunction.

Thank you in advance for your kind efforts and replies.

Regards from Greece

P.S. I bet tomorrow the temperature will drop and the climate control will
be stuck on LOW.