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Re: CGT ecu ground location?

>From: Dwight Varnes <mxbreed@lancnews.infi.net>
>Subject: Re: CGT ecu ground location?
>Sometimes the windshields on CGTs will leak on the pass side, and
>moisture finds its way to the ECU. Any relation to weather conditions
>you can think of?
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The windshield seems to be leak-free.  Where I know it _was_ leaking
is the left hand side behind the hood hinge.  The grommet that seals the 
hood release cable was missing and leaves had blocked the water drain,
channeling water onto the wiring harness and aux relay panel.  The right
side of the interior seems to always have been dry.  I had to replace
some rusty relays but have not yet tackled the corroded ground connection
down there.  I still have'nt figured out which ground point # this is in

Michael Hogan