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Ground for window switches


Couple of days ago my 89 100q developed a new electrical gremlin.

For no readily apparent reason all window switches and the sunroof switch
decide to become inoperative at the same time.  Monkey about with the
control panel on the driver's armrest a bit & they will work for a bit.

Even when the windows and sunroof is inoperative the power mirros still
work & they too are located on the armrest panel.

My first guess is that the problem is a loose or bad ground somewhere in
the door.  But I cannot figure out why it affects the sunroof.

For those of you who have BTDT, any clues as to what I'm looking at and
where to look?


Bill Murin
89 100q
174,000 miles

PS:  Was at the Audi dealer today.  They just unloaded a 99.5 A4 2.8
quattro in blue metallic with ecru leatherette, 5 speed, sunroof, and
sport package.  Very nice.  List is about $32,500.  Lots of A4s around
there, very few with sport packages and almost none with 5 speeds.