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I'm one of those guys who leined a dwelling. Guy moved out of state and
I couldn't get him, so I leined his condo. Waited 9 years at 10%. He
discovered it well into the sale. It WAS sweet! The escrow co was
irritated, to say the least, and couldn't move till I got done taking my
own sweet time.
Loved every panicky phone call.
BTW, in most jurisdictions, you can get an "order of examination once
you have a judgement, and they swear him in and you get to ask him
anything relating to his finances. You can have nearly anything of value
siezed and sold to pay the debt. You can garnish his wages, or tap his
till if he has his own business,and make him squirm. It's a lot of
effort, and it's slow, but if you really want what is owed you, you can
get it. Generally, the costs of collection can be laid on the debtor,
making it even more painful for him.
I didn't see the original post, and these extremes may not be
appropriate for the situation, but if the debt is there, and the guy's
being a jerk, go for it.