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Re: CGT ecu ground location?

At 06:55 PM 3/22/99 -0600, Eric Fluhr wrote:

>Have you checked the pressure actuator current or the oxygen
>sensor voltage when the engine is hot?  This should pretty much
>tell you what the ECU things the engine is doing.  I have found
>that setting the fuel mixture by measure the pressure actuator
>current is the best way to ensure that the mixture is right.
>If the mixture is correct and the car still has problems, the
>problems are then usually easy to diagnose.

Will check it out this weekend...

>Did you put a fuse in the top of the fuel pump and leave it there
>when setting the ignition timing?  I made the mistake of not
>doing this the first time I set the timing on my brother's car.

I did not.  How does this make a difference?

>> VW 1501 test adaptor.  Anyone got an alternative method?
>Sure, take a multimeter and measure the resistance at the harness
>connector on the throttle body.  You can measure the idle & WOT
>switch in about 2 minutes.

Thanks for the tips.  I'll check em out and keep you posted.

Michael Hogan
87.5 CGT

P.S.   I recall seeing on the list a long time ago a reference to
a text that comprehensively covers Bosch CIS.  Sounds like I could
use one, huh?  Can I get this at my local Barnes&Noble, etc.?  Any
leads appreciated.