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87 5kcsq Radio and misc other problems

I just bought an 87 5k CS Quattro last weekend and the radio does not work.
Tapes play fine, but no reception in either am or fm.  The tuner acts kind
of strange and only seeks in one direction, the scan button does nothing.
Do I need a new radio or just an antenna? If the radio is shot does anyone
have one for sale?

The car also has a host of other miner problems such as

windshield washer pump not working
defroster mode only even when switched to auto mode
power window malfunction at drivers door master control
drivers door will not unlock with key
back door latch is very stubborn
dash lights only work if the parking lights are turned on before starting
gas mileage computer is reading 31 mpg,  (is this right?)

Any Suggestions are welcome