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Re: Heat problems!! Audi 200(Still no reply)

Come on guys....please have 1 person reply me back on this question.  Spring
is coming and I can't take the heat anymore.  Please Please Please Please
Please help me!  Thanks!

Jason C

In a message dated 3/22/99 4:45:59 PM Pacific Standard Time,
PlyBoyDoct@aol.com writes:

<< I apologize if this has been in a previous post, but I'm new here, so sue
 My car had the Flap problem(a.k.a.- its foggy in here) and was fix a few
 ago.  Now I have a problem with the car giving me heat when I don't need it.
 It seems like when I pound on the accel. I get heat even when the system is
 off.  So in the off position it give me heat(from the bottem vents, near the
 legs) and in the Auto or the Econ it just blows me heat.  Only when it is
 to LO and in Auto or Defrost that it give me Cooler air(not cold air, but
 COOLER)  Anyone has a solution for this?  Any BTDT?  TIA.
 Jason C
 Audi 300t10v
 Redmond WA >>