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Re: Haldex vs. Torsen, and A6 vs S4

There is a nice three page article in Autoweek this week about the A6 4.2. Nice
photos of the bigger front end and big wheel flares. It did not give me the
impression that we would see a manual trans though.  In fact, considering what
Audi did to us with the V8q, I doubt we will see a five speed in any larger
body cars for some time.


Fringe Ryder wrote:

The A6 is supposed to get some firepower in a pair of V8s soon, but they're

> unannounced for the states (aren't they), and the A6 is not currently
> available here with a stick.  And I HATE the rear end of that car.  Ugh.
> So what do I do?  Will the A6 get more power and a stick, or will the S4 be
> the sportiest stateside Audi?  Is Haldex less evil than it seems?  Can the
> TT overcome the functional sacrifices made to be true to form?
> Please, input!!!!