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Re: Totalled 91 200q Avant: was $10,300, now $11,400

On Tue, 23 Mar 1999, Ed Kellock wrote:

> The revised amount is supposedly full NADA value.  Can anyone confirm this
> for me?  I do not have access (as far as I know anyway) to an NADA book.
> I'm still not satisfied with this amount, but it feels like serious progress
> from where I'm sitting.

Slightly off topic, but NADA is most often available at your local public
library.  Just call 'em up and ask for reference.  I've done this
literally hundreds of times at dozens of libraries, and it has never
failed me.  As far as my fiancee is concerned, an astute former librarian,
it is the duty of the library to provide this service.  (And not just to

I've always been able to do get all the info I need over the phone.


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