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Re: Heat problems!! Audi 200(Still no reply)

a "300t10v" ? :).  What year?  I'll assume whatever you have is the
same as my '89 200TQ.

First of wall, I'm no mechanic.  I'm just a guy who tries to do as
much work on the car myself as I can.  Nothing stated below should be
treated as gospel.

I assume your heater core was replaced a few weeks ago -- as it would
be the most likely "fog" source.  If so, the cable controlling the
positions of the flaps may be slightly bent.  There's some way to
"tune" this setup so it will work with the Delco peice of $%#^@*, but
I don't know how to do it.  

I would:

Under the hood, remove the plastic "firewall" cover (you'll have to
remove a windshield wiper to do this).  The large plastic box in the
middle of the "firewall" is the heater box.  On the passenger side 1/2
way down the box toward the road is an interlocking set of levers.  In
roughly the same position on the driver's side of the heater box is a
small motor in a black plastic enclosure.  This little motor moves the
flaps back and forth.

Start the car and shift the temp on the Delco Climate Control from all
the way "High" (Hot) to all the way "Low" (Cold).  The levers on the
passenger side should change positions from one extreme to another.
They almost certain do not given the symtoms you mentioned.  If this
is true, remove the small motor from the driver's side and try moving
the levers on the passenger side by hand to all the way "Low" (cold).
Take the car for a drive.  If this solves the "unwanted heat" problem,
either the little motor is shot or whatever tells the little motor to
move is shot.  

If moving the levers manually does not solve the problem, I'd bet the
internals of the heater box are not put together correctly or they
are broken.

That little motor is $100+ from the dealer ($150+ I think).  Not sure
of any cheaper sources.

Each time I have replaced a heater core, I have run clutch cables to
the vent controls (the levers mentioned above are one of these), and
mounted them in spare switch slots or under the dash.  This is a
*very* cheap and simple way to approach the problem.

To make the clutch cable change, you should also pull out the carpeted
"skirts" on the sides of the center console in the drivers and front
passenger footwells.  With these removed, you should be able to
disconnect the vacuum control hoses on the bottom (inside cabin) part
of the heater box and plug them (vacuum leaks are bad) with a small
screw or golf tee.

>Come on guys....please have 1 person reply me back on this question.  Spring
>is coming and I can't take the heat anymore.  Please Please Please Please
>Please help me!  Thanks!
>Jason C
>In a message dated 3/22/99 4:45:59 PM Pacific Standard Time,
>PlyBoyDoct@aol.com writes:
><< I apologize if this has been in a previous post, but I'm new here, so sue
> My car had the Flap problem(a.k.a.- its foggy in here) and was fix a few
> ago.  Now I have a problem with the car giving me heat when I don't need it.
> It seems like when I pound on the accel. I get heat even when the system is
> off.  So in the off position it give me heat(from the bottem vents, near the
> legs) and in the Auto or the Econ it just blows me heat.  Only when it is
> to LO and in Auto or Defrost that it give me Cooler air(not cold air, but
> COOLER)  Anyone has a solution for this?  Any BTDT?  TIA.
> Jason C
> Audi 300t10v
> Redmond WA >>