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New Lister - 86 CGT


Thanks for the great list, links, web pages, etc.  I recently purchased an 86
CGT, 57k, white, tan leather, digital dash.  My stepfather purchased it new
from Carrousel Audi in Minneapolis and it has always been garaged in a heated
downtown parking stall (walking distance to Brit's Pub - who needs to drive?).
Aside from needing some TLC, driver's seat, and typical front end fun, it is
near mint.  I was able to steal it from him after a dealer offered $1200 on
trade for a minivan.  He loved the car and hated to see it go so it's now mine
for the $1200 and a drive from Minneapolis to my home in mid-Ohio.

Recent work includes:

Insurance replaced cracked windshield before I bought the car.  ($438 dealer

Tach and computer display was out.  Feared the worst, but the display is not a
true LED (does not emit it's own light) and instruments require 3 bulbs just
like analog.  Found a bulb at Pep Boys for $9.95 and the cluster was very easy
to work on.  Dimmer has a mind of it's own.  Would have preferred an analog
dash, but red digital kind of has that 80's retro look and is much more
functional than big hair.  For future reference, did I see somebody had a web
page with digital dash info?

Replaced thermostat.  $22 at Big Wheel/Rossi in MPLS.  Got correct thermostat
with proper O-ring, despite Beavis on duty that day.  Engine now reaches
proper temp and I have heat.  Fixed heater flap cable so I don't always have

Washed, waxed, and buffed away 13 years of oxidation - paint still looks
great.  Removed seats and thoroughly cleaned interior.  Killed organism
growing under passenger seat.

Engine stalls on decel.  While looking for vacuum leak noticed 4-way rubber
vacuum tube off manifold was collapsing under load, severely restricting flow.
Beefed up main trunk of tube by inserting two springs found at hardware store.
Same principle as spring on many lower radiator hoses.  Used two 23/32 x 3 1/2
x .041 utility springs, one 6" spring would have been perfect.  Stalls less
frequently but still not 100% cured.

Next Up:

Control arm bushings, at least one CV joint, struts and springs.  Strut brace
if I made it in time for group purchase! 

Fix cruise control.

Cure stall on decel.

Hoses, belts, fluids, etc.

Install Alpine CD/Tuner, amp, speakers.  Stored since pulled from last
vehicle, just waiting for the right home.


Tan leather driver's seat
Trunk lid hyd. supports

Thanks again for all the great info (special thanks to Huw, the God of all
things CGT).  The car is a riot and I'm quickly getting hooked on Audis
although my wife is losing her sense of humor. And to think our first date was
partially the result of me owning an 80 Scirocco back in college.  How soon
they forget)

Dave Koentopf

86 CGT
48 Willys CJ2A
96 Accord (wife's)
97 Sonoma 4x4