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Re: distributor rotor for '91 200q20v (3B 20vt)

Bosch part #   04 170  is available here and I have had no trouble using
them on chipped cars.   You simply must be careful when installing using
Loctite 640 and allow 4 hours to dry.   If this distributor rotor moves more
than 5 degrees, it can cross fire and litterally break the crank shaft or
more likely bend a connecting rod....
john nelson

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Date: Wednesday, March 24, 1999 11:26 AM
Subject: re: distributor rotor for '91 200q20v (3B 20vt)

>Background:  the distributor rotor on the '91 200q20vt is not available as
>separate part from Audi; they'd be glad to sell you a new distributor,
>Audi part departments often try to sell you the rotor off a 10-valve turbo;
>however, the tip is about 1/2 again as wide as the correct 20vt rotor.  The
>new distributors for the 20vt come with the correct (more narrow) rotor.
>Using the wrong rotor (especially) on chipped/modded cars, may have caused
>some engine failures.
>At my request, Rod at thepartsconnection.com has contacted Bosch in Germany
>try to source these rotors (starting in November... took a while and a good
>bit of effort on his part).
>Here's his message to me:
>I've finally gotten the info out of Bosch in Germany. They will cost
>$18.00 each (yikes!!). The list price is $29.85.
>If you are still interested in this rotor, please respond to this
>e-mail and let me know how many you want as this has to be special
>ordered and may take two to three months, depending on Bosch's
>Thanks again and sorry for the delay,
>--Rod Ramsey, rod@thepartsconnection.com
>Keep in mind that Rod will likely only make a couple $ max each on these; I
>know it's taken him a bunch of attempts to even identify a source.  Last
>about a dozen people expressed interest; if you still want one (or two,
>then email Rod directly with the request.  Thanks,
>Chris Miller, windham nh, c1j1miller@aol.com
>'91 200q20v ==> http://members.aol.com/c1j1miller/index.html