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AoA - Right thing verses cheap thing!!

Hi Folks,
   In dealing with difficulties involving local service under warrantee (my
local dealer in the Albany, NY area has generally proved something less than
a blessing) has anyone ever caught Audi of America  taking the high moral
ground and doing the right thing by the customer  rather than doing the
simply cheap or expedient thing?  I have become embroiled in  a battle to
the death over an $83 problem I reported to the dealer during the warrantee
period and then alerted AoA to 3 days later when the dealer fouled things up
as usual.  AoA left me on hold for about 2 weeks until my 3 years of
warrantee expired and then when the problem became intolerable 2 weeks after
that first asked that I send in my bills ($83 -big deal) saying they would
pay them.  A week later they call back saying that "I am now out of
warrantee!" and "delightful" Myron tells me that truly nice Geraldine was
not authorized to say what she did (she was the one good actor here).  My
reply is that I only feel bad because they have rendered it impossible for
me to buy one of the amazing new S6's in the pipeline over a trifling amount
of money and a major moral problem (I really don't want to deal with morally
bankrupt folks).  I love Audis but the "Audi Experience" had been a total
nightmare for me and this last episode is just the final straw in a tangled
tale of uncaring incompetence.  I really feel outraged and violated!  I will
gladly fill in the details on request and am awaiting your enlightening (or
at least supportively therapeutic :-) comments).  I truly understand the
line in the Audi field rep job description "must be able to deal with
aggressive and hostile people" - they have made "gentle" me into one!
  look under dealer field representative job description please)
                     Thanks in advance for you comments and observations
                                        Larry Eisenberg
1995.5 S6 (great car with nightmarishly awful support -not the ultimate or
total experience it  could be)
 Until recently 1984 4000Q (fabulous auto as I never had the factory
warrantee and knew enough to avoid the dreaded local dealer and the "Audi
 1990 SHO (bad car but quick) great company and nice dealer support - Audi
could learn a lot  from Ford let alone Lexus!!