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Finally found a shop - Thanks listers!

I started a thread on wheels/tires for my 94 90Sq a while back...as well
as 'how to' when ordering from Canada to US.

Well...actually found a local tuning shop.  They specialize in VW but
they do know about Audi's.  Kind of refreshing that I don't get blank
stares when I mention Borbet, TSW etc wheels or ESPECIALLY when I say
the car is a 'quattro'.  (Hmmm...wonder if they can do the throttle body
for me)

Looks like I will have TSW Hockenheim R's and Yoko 205/55R16's on order
by the end of the week...at a price that while not way cheaper than
ordering from the US, it does save some $$.  And I also get the benefit
of some local support.

Thanks to listers for their advice on both the wheels and ordering from
the US...wheel advice was right on and the US ordering responses
confirmed my fears!

Anyway, sorry for the WOB, but wanted to share that!

94 90Sq 75kkms