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Re: Battery Additive VX-6

Ron Johnstone wrote:
> Has anyone had any experience with a commercial battery additive called
> VX-6?  The box contains 3 tubes of a liquid to prevent sulfation and has
> been sold for many years. 

I don't know of the product, but my job is batteries batteries and more
batteries.  The chemical reaction that produces electricity creates
sulfation on the plates (pure lead and lead dioxide plates combine with
H2SO4 sulfuric acid to produce lead sulphate on each plate and water is
left as the electrolyte)  Parking a battery off charge will cause the
cells to "self discharge" and sulfate because of internal resistance. 
Sulfation isn't bad as long as it is caught and a recharge can put the
sulfate back into solution.  What kind of sulfation do you want to

Chris Locke 86 4kcstq