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4K Sunroof

If you find that the sunroof on your 4K does not sit level when closed
it may need to be adjusted. To adjust, the inner sunroof panel has to be
removed (see Bentley manual), once it has been removed, you'll see that the
sunroof rides on a track which is screwed to the side of the roof. Loosen
2 screws holding the track in place and with the sunroof closed raise/lower
track to the desired position. The front of the sunroof is also adjustable
and, there
are a couple of screws in the front corners of the sunroof which allow you
to raise/lower

BTW - this is a great time to clean/lube your sunroof track, by removing the
side tracks
and the 2 front screws, the whole sunroof panel pops out and you can
clean/lube the
whole area. Did this on my car last week, and now the sunroof glides open.