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PLEASE HELP! Minor Accident, 5KCSTQ! Advice ?!?

Well it finally happened to me!

I got in a minor fender-bender this a.m.  I was the 3rd car in traffic
headed through a green light when suddenly - the light changed to yellow.
Since there was a cop at the intersection, the 1st car jammed on the
brakes, the second car stopped abruptly, and then I hit my brakes -- the
ABS choked -- and I slammed into her!

The car was a Volvo wagon (80s).  Her bumper was high enough to take out my
entire left (facing the car) headlight.

The headlight is literally pushed in about 7-10 inches and cracked, the
grill is cracked open, and the intercooler was pushed back approx. 2-3
inches and it popped out of the hole it locks into.  There was NO DAMAGE
done to the hood, body, or any other painted surfaces -- thank god!

The headlight actually still works, it just faces outward to the left.  The
chrome piece that runs under the entire black plastic grill and meets the
bumper is bent in the middle. The plastic cover with metal frame covering
the intercooler is broken, so the intercooler is exposed a bit.  And I was
able to pull the intercooler back so that it snapped back into place, but
it still seems a tad off -- the Michelin Man hose is a crunched up a
centimeter or so.

All else is OK -- a very tine gouge in the white part under the bumper.
The bumper itself is OK, and the mechanicals are all OK (except for the
intercooler being nudged back a bit).  All in all, it's basically y just
the entire light assemble that's bent and smashed, the grill is broken
(Quattro emblem is knocked off I think), and the chrome pieces that slide
underneath the grill -- and the one the is above the bumper are bent pretty

Sorry for the large description, but what do you guys think>?  How much
approx.?  I will spare no expense -- I will get everything done right. Here
are my questions -

1.   This seems like a good time to upgrade to European headlights. Which
ones (H4s?) - how much, and where can I            get them>? IS it a good
time to do this since I will need to replace the entire left light assembly

2.   WHERE in the BOSTON area should I get this done.  I'd take it to the
BenzDen, but I'm not sure they handle body         work like this.  Please
recommend a place!  Preferably a place that could handle a Euro-headlight

3.   Car runs fine, but should I check for any signs of damage to the

4.   What about additional lighting upgrades, like hella fogs?  A good time
to upgrade? PIAA? Which ones do you           recommend?

5.   Please comment on your experiences with this time of non-body damage,

Thanks so very much guys -- I appreciate it!

85 4KSQ
82 VW Cabrio