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80q alignment specs

     All you guys with lowered cars:
     Hi, has anyone been sucessful with aligning a lowered car? My '88 80 
     quattro has been running the Eibach springs which lower it about an 
     inch +/-. By no means is is "slammed", so I don't think the camber 
     curves and roll centers have been adversely affected (I could be 
     I notice a speed sensitive vibration between 65 and 70 mph that keeps 
     coming back. Looking at the tires they looked feathered on the inside 
     edge, too much toe out? I redid the tie-rod ends, checked the 
     bushings and already had it 4 wheel aligned twice in the last year.
     So I'm wondering, would a lowered car require settings other than 
     stock? Each time I ask for the factory specs, but maybe this is not 
     correct? I'd hate to ruin another set of tires.
     '88 80q with wiggly tires. :(