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Ersatz S2, II

Back to the office this PM, I had a fun message on my voicemail:  A guy in
MN who saw the Quattro Quarterly article on the ersatz S2 is going ahead
with the same project.  George Baxter bought a 3B engine last fall in
anticipation of the next project, and will be doing the job.  This guy
called me up last month, said he was contemplating getting an S6 but really
loved his CQ.  Seeing the article, he concluded that for the price of a nice
S6 he could have the best of both worlds.

I'm enthused because the guy wants to do exactly the same "stock" conversion
that I did.  This second project should go much more smoothly than mine in
terms of time and money, and ought to be a better indicator of what the
conversion should cost on a "production" basis...

As much as I admire the 20Vt sedans/avants, I gotta tell you, a 3B really
shines under the hood of a Coupe.  (Heading up from the Phila airport this
AM, I rehearsed the conversation: "You're kidding, officer!  I thought "65"
was the route number, and "95" was the speed limit...")

Brandon Hull, evangelist,
'91 ersatz S2