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Re: 4000 Headlight Switch

> The headlight switch on my 1985 4000S Quattro is going South
> In any case, I'm looking for advice on how to pull this switch off (I
> didn't want to break anything by pulling too hard without knowing how
> it was supposed to come off) and once I have it off, how to repair it.

that's the hardest switch to remove on your car, I spent months looking
for a plastic switch holding frame that hadn't been broken removing the
headlight switch.

Your switch is toast, don;t even thing about repairing it.

undo the front cover - 4 screws, all point up, two by column, two under
top section

then remove the softer, cowl piece, you have to spread the sides to get
it off, and pull it out of two sockets at the back.  Try not to warp the
little "vent" things much, you'll break the little plastic tabs that
hold them in.

Now you can see the back fo the switch.  Pull off the wiring connector
carefully.  examine it for melting.

now very carefully try to pop the light sw out of the frame.  It comes
out to the interior side, ie pull it out, not push it through.  I think
it might be easier with the knob pulled off.  Observe the melted plastic
by the terminals...

Then search for a good unmelted used switch or buy a new one.

While you're at it install relays for the headlights and maybe even the
parking light circuits to save your new switch from the same fate.

if anyone has discovered the trick to removing this switch wihtout
breaking the holder, please tell us!

Huw Powell


82 Audi Coupe; 85 Coupe GT