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Re: bringing black/black leather audi to Nevada HELP!

A black car with black leather interior is the least of your problems in moving
to Nevada.

David Lola
2.8 A4QTS Black leather/ Black

Harten, Eric wrote:

> Hi folks,
>         I am new to the list, and I need some advice.  I am getting
> transferred from Boston to Nellis AFB in Las Vegas Nevada this summer and I
> am worried about the heat and my car.  My 1995 90 Quattro is black with
> black leather interior.  This strikes me as a potentially uncomfortable
> combination.  I have purchased some mesh see-through sun shades for the back
> windows, but I am not sure this will be enough.  Does anybody have a lighter
> interior for this car?  I seem to remember them coming in at least charcoal
> and creme cloth.  Any other suggestions from folks in hot climates?   Also,
> I will be needing a timing belt in a year or so.  Does anybody know any good
> Audi mechanics in the Las Vegas area?   Thanks.
> Eric Harten
> 1995 90 Sport Quattro (75k)