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Re: NEW URL for Scott Mockry, alias scottmo (no Audi content)

In a message dated 99-03-25 10:30:49 EST, you write:

<< The NEW URL for SJM Auto-Technik, alias scottmo, aka Scott Mockry or in
 some cases Scott Mockery, Mockrery, Mockary, Mockay, Mokry, Mookry,
 Mookie.......or Scott "I wanna do the Mockarena", and any other name making
 a mockery out of Mockry is.........
I can't believe your name gets abused like that.  I've had Assindo, Arkadino,
Accord, According, Aquadino, Appalino(huh?).  I know Phonics isn't what it
used to be, but come on now.

Jim Ack-Or-Dino