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Re: leaking valve cover

Hi Zsolt;

    If you used the good gasket (rubber with metal inserts at the stud
holes), cleaned the head and cover surfaces, and torqued it properly, the
cover should not leak. Try chequing the torque on the nuts - don't
overtighten. Make sure the cover is not dented at the studs (caused by
overtightening). Sealant is the last refuge of a scoundrel - well, maybe
it's not that bad, but it is a definite PITA if you have to open it up
again. I avoid the stuff like the plague.


Fred Munro
'91 200q  271k km
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From: Zsolt Kovacs <zsolt@telusplanet.net>
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Date: Thursday, March 25, 1999 2:52 PM
Subject: leaking valve cover

>I had my valve cover gasket changed recently, but it's leaking again
>(due to the thin oil I think) can it be tightened or would I have to use
>some sort of sealant to make it leak proof?
>Thanks in advance
>   Zsolt