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83 CGT5S

I,m still very new on the list so please bare with me..I posted recently my
UK model RHD coupe GT5 S running pretty rough.  Major symptom is loads of
oil in the air filter pan...sorry forgot to mention its carburettor...the
idle has been ok recently but this morning it sounded as though it were
only firing on 4 cyls. maybe even 3. looking at the pressure guage, it was
not registering anything while travelling, but ticking over at rest it
would go off the meter at 5 BAR, then start bouncing from 0 - 5 BAR ..all
while the engine sounds a though its about to stall..
What should the guage read at rest  and or when driving..
is it possible to identify the engine cc from the vin wauzzzb5zda137796..
everything else I can get from your great web page references, plus thanks
to Phil and Huw for their feedback. but the ZZZ I can't id.