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Houston, we have lift off...

Drove the Avant home last night.  It drives fine, considering...

Taped up the broken out rear window, put it on the lift and pressed,
hammered, and adjusted the right rear suspension arm so the tire would clear
the wheel well, then headed out, stopping for a couple gallons of gas.  

It was a bitter-sweet accomplishment though.  It drove well enough that it
was possible, almost, to forget about the bent and broken condition of it's
body.  Oh boost, sweet boost.  Now that I've been away from it for a good
month, and in the interim been driving my newly firmed-up CGT, it really
felt plush.  Everything works, except the one crushed headlight.  It was
weird hearing the whooshing sounds which are usually concealed by the airbox
(also crushed).  

So I have verification that the mechanicals are unaffected by the mayhem
that ensued.  That, and the absence of any storage cost issues should
somewhat simplify my dealings with the ins co.  Time to get serious about
protecting my bottom line.

Thanks again to all,
Greenville, SC
91 200q Avant
- spending it's last days at home...
87 CGT
- getting new tires today, 205-50-15 P700Z's on 15x7x35 TSW Evo's
- (are Speedlines in my future?  Mmm, could be...)