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RE: Max Boost/HP? 87 5kcstq

I think the metered air is the same in both cases.  In the normal case
the air gets pressurized into the IC and slowly bleeds off (or quickly
through an broken hose or IC).  In my case the air gets dumped before 
it breaks something.  Also, the valve is not a switch.  The higher the
the more the valve opens. Only pressure above 30psi gets dumped.  
Once the pressure comes back down to 30psi the valve is closed.
I would think that the metering system has clipped out at 30psi anyway.


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> The only potential problem I see from this is the transient fuel en-
> richement issues (you're pulling air through the metering system -- on
> some cars [mine] at least the airflow is measured prior to the
> turbo/intercooler/blowoff-valve) then dumping it, while still flowing
> sufficient fuel for all the air you've dumped. Whether that is
> significant or not, I dunno.
> 					-RDH